Hca305 Week5 Discussion

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Illness Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Critique the ways in which each of the following factors affects healthcare expenditures in the United States. 1.How do these factors impact the patients, individual providers, healthcare organizations, and insurers? oAn advance in medical care technology and diagnostic technology has had a positive effect on the overall health care system. With these advances patients have to ability to receive the best care possible in hospital stays as well as treatment. They also face the concerns for an increase in rates as a result of newer technology. Individual providers have a better means of communicating between various referrals and documenting conditions as well the ability to treat on the spot illness due to the advances in diagnostic treatment. The impact to the healthcare organization is positive in that new advancements provide ease of transferring medical information while receiving and transmitting test results in a timely manner. Insurers are impacted by the cost they have to pass on to its insured patients. oChanges in U.S. demographics bring about a shift in the way patients view the care needed and the avenue they chose to take for extended care. With an ever increasing shift in the economic situation, individual providers are challenged with dealing with a wider range of medical conditions, some of which cannot be alleviated by the advancement in medical technology. The healthcare organization faces the challenge of providing necessary space to accommodate the demand for the increase in population. oEmphasis on specialty medicine creates a less than general environment for patients who need a wide variety of medical assistance. Individual providers are limited to the demographic area they service which reduces the assistances needed a many healthcare organizations. Insurers still prosper because services are no longer controlled in one general area. Meaning that it now takes multiple physicians to assist with resolving the needs of patient care. o...
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