Marketing Management

Topics: Management, Risk management, Project management Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Al Ghurair University
MBA 632 Project Acquisition and Contracting
Block No (6)
Name of the Case study:
Williams Machine Tool Company

1. In the context of the above case study, what do you understand by project management?

In context of the above case study I understood that project management at Williams Machine toll Company were extremely traditional management they had no new products to introduce to the market and the marketplace was changing and they didn’t change there strategy. However this week management led to a decrease in sales and revenue was down. Also I believe that managers manage and staff members should cooperate which didn’t happen in this company.

2. What went wrong with Williams Machine company? Explain your answer with good examples.

During the good times, that leaders must build their strength and skills to be able to access their power when it’s most needed. After being a highly profitable and having an extremely low employee turnover rate the company success was due to one product line of standard manufacturing machine tool they spent there time looking for ways to improve its product line rather than to develop new products also they would do a modification to the production line rather than doing a modification to the machine tool. However because of the recession of 1979-1983 cutbacks in production had decreased the demand of the standard machine tools. More customers were asking for either major modification to the standard machine tools or a completely new product design and due to the resistance of changing the strategy by lower level management and the workforce the senior management didn’t take any action to marketplace changing.

3. If you had acquired Williams Machine Tools Company how would you turn it around ?

If I had acquired Williams Machine Tools Company I would turn it around by: The first step is determining the problem or problems that created the business’ descent. An...
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