The Marketing of Blackmore

Topics: Marketing, Communication, Public relations Pages: 13 (3826 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Executive summary:

This report was to investigate the company Blackmores, and different theories such as corporate communication, integrated marketing communication, corporate social responsibility, and green marketing or greenwashing. Blackmore is popular in Australia, and it is one of the top health providers for 80 years history. Blackmores’ main products are vitamins, minerals and herb supplemental medicine. This report introduces some features of corporate communication involving stakeholder relations, and it also advocates the importance of corporate communication theories in the communication between stakeholders relation. Moreover, this report introduces the concept of integrated marketing communication or advertisement, which is an important way of communication with customers. This strategy could help a company fully show their products’ characteristic and attract potential buyers. More, it also contains the theories of Corporate Social Responsibility, Green marketing and Greenwashing and corporate image. These theories give general information such as definition or some important features of these theories. Also at the end of each theory will be following with an analysis of Blackmores. For example, the performance of Blackmores’ company in corporate social responsibility is good because Blackmores is awarded by ethical covenant continuous four years. Blackmores’ products are recommended as green products because Blackmores always strive to decrease their environmental impact and minimize the waste in their product packaging and original resource. In last this report gives conclusion and reflection.

The Table of Content

2.2 Theory of corporate communication- 6 -
2.3 Theory of IMC- 7 -
2.4, IMC and advertising- 8 -
2.5 Theory---CSR- 9 -
2.6 The role of CSR within the organization- 10 -
2.7 Green marketing and Greenwashing- 10 -
2.8 Consistency of company communication messages- 11 -
2.9 Corporate image- 12 -
2.10 Communication recommendations- 13 -
2.11 Conclusion- 13 -
Reference:- 15 -

2.1 Introduction

This report is aiming to analyze Blackmore company in several aspects related with theories such as corporate image, corporate social responsibility (CSR), IMC and green marketing or green washing. Blackmore as a famous and historical company in Australia, and it offers the best products in health industry. The customer’s health is the most concerned issue in Blackmore, and its product could help their customers improve and control their health condition so the quality of product is very important. Balckmores’ products mainly have vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients.

2.2 Theory of corporate communication

According to Vilma and Ari (2010), stakeholders relations are the core of corporate communication, and recently the public relations are suggested that it is equal with stakeholder relations. Moreover, different relationships between stakeholders are important part in analyzing and observing corporate environment even previous literatures on stakeholder was focused on social networks between corporations and their stakeholders (Vilma & Ari, 2010). In addition, stakeholders refer to achievement of the organizations objective affecting or being affected by any group or individual (Vilma & Ari, 2010). Another author Gregory (2007) state that if a company could manage corporate communication between stakeholders appropriately they could give mutual benefits such as economic resource, and provide political support and specialist knowledge. Higgins, and Bannister, (1992) point out that strategy credibility is the term, which show the company’s reliability of corporate strategy and strategic planning processes and then he improved that strategic credibility have positive affect on communication with key stakeholders and a clear direction of strategic communication could build up the reputation of the company. These authors...
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