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Good Morning everyone,My Name is Irma Alinda Kusnandi, and I am advisor of The Kusnandies, Wedding Organiser and Bridal Spa.

Today, I will have a presentation about my company. I’m going to devide my talk into 4 parts. First, I’ll tell you about The Vission and Mission of my company, after that I am going to tell about the company detail, and then go to Organizational chart, finally, The Revenue Graph.

The visions of Kusnandies are become the wedding planner that build relationship with every bride candidates and become a wedding planner that make available every needs for wedding party.

And The missions are bringing into reality every single hope of the bride and creating a huge, elegant, ang gergous wedding party.

Right, let’s now move on to Company Detail, The Kusnandies Wedding Organiser and Bridal Spa was established in 2002 in Malang, this company was founded by Kusnandi as he acts the owner of this family business, We have 3 branches located in Malang, There is in Singosari, Sawojajar, Soekarno-Hatta. With 10 years experience we have more than 950 million assets. This company moves in sales and service sector, we provide every needs related with wedding reception and providing beauty salon and spa for the bride. TK has more than 250 employess and up to 3,5 billion rupiahs of total revenue in each year.

Ok, I’ll now look at Organizational chart. Kusnandies has 3 branches which is in every branch is led by store manager. In every subsidiaries has 4 teams, they are Bridal Team who is in charge of finishing every needs for the bride, the second is Creative Team who takes care of the wedding ceremony preparation from the beginning to the end. Afterwards, There is Decoration Team who is responsible for decorating and designing the reception building . And at last, We have Food and Beverages Team who is responsible for setting aside food and drinks for the guess. A Store Manager is directly accountable to the President. Under The President,...
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