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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Group presentation on Publishing
Raha’s part
Slide-1: (welcome) Learned faculty and friends, its raha welcome you to the presentation of our term paper on marketing. Our topic is publishing business. Before going to the details let me introduce our team first. (next) Slide-2: (Team) Our team members are nowshi, Mehedi, Salauddin and me. (next) slide-3: (Objective)Objectives of this term paper are; Assessing publishing situation in Bangladesh, comparing two publishing houses with their SWOT, Macro Environment and Marketing practice and recommending few suggestions based on the analysis. We chose two publishers’ Adorn’ and ‘Anupam prokashani’ and they will be discussed repeatedly in our presentation. Our next presenter is Salauddin with the introduction and publishing function. (Next)

Saladdin’s part
Slide-4: (Introduction) Thanks Raha. First of all what is publishing? Some definitions are here. You can have a look. I am not going to the details of them (next) Slide-5: Publishing functions include Content acquisition, Content development, Book design Managing production, Pre press, printing and binding, Marketing and Customer service. Here customer service is mainly handling orders before, during and after sales. Ok, now Mehedi will come up with organization profile, SWOT, and marketing practice (next)

Mehedi’s part
Slide-6 (organization profile) Thanks salauddin. Ok friends; let me start with the profile. Here is little information about two companies chosen from recent boi mela. Both are almost similar in products and marketing practices. (next) Slide-7 (SWOT) This slide gives details of the SWOT mostly common for both. Both are well established, equally weak in promotion, have opportunity of good home market and face threat from online contents. Another potential threat is huge book influx from our friend country, India. (next) Slide-8 (Marketing practice) Segmentation is the same. Adorn targets children and senior readers while Anupam...
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