External Speaker Critique

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  • Published : December 4, 2006
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External Speaker Critique
Part 1- Background Information about the speaking situation
The speaker was David M. Larrick the senior regional director, advisory services at Voyageur assets management inc. The title of his speech is Investment insight and his purpose was to inform on small cap and large cap growth equality with their company. The intended audience was investors, brokers, or finical advisors. The speech took place on November 7th at noon and lasted around 45 minuets. The speech took place at Smith Barney offices in troy. It was a very large conference room with many long tables. The speaker stood at the front using a dry-erase board. It was done over a lunch conference type of setting. The event was sponsored by Voyageur asset management inc. to persuade the audience to invest with them. Part 2- Evaluation of speech content: Analysis of ideas presented in the speech. The central idea of this speech was to inform brokers about the company and to persuade them to invest with their company. The main points the speaker focus on was the history of the company, they prospects for the future and the benefits you would have investing with them. The main ideas were very clearly stated and had a lot of visual aids such as charts and graph to enhance this. The charts show annualized returns, portfolio characteristics, sector weightings, and risk vs. return; and risk characteristics. The speaker's main idea clearly supported the thesis because the charts of the company's growth and prospects clearly showed these issues. Overall the speaker was very well organized with clear examples and charts to prove. The speaker did a wonderful job of being loud and clear especially considering this was over a lunch meeting. Part 3 – Audience Analysis & Adaptation

The speaker adapted well to this audience everyone there wants the information about the company. The way...
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