Reading Comprehension and Sq3r Method

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Reading and Comprehension Using the SQ3R Method
August 12,2012
Christopher Geist

Reading and Comprehension Using the SQ3R Method
1. What was the main point of the written piece?
The main point of this article is the art of giving a successful business presentation. It tells of eight key points to use during the preparation and delivery of your presentation so that your audience will gain useful information and not be bored in the process. 2. What did each section deal with?

The article started with the reasoning behind why someone would want to follow the eight secrets. Then each section that followed discussed the eight key points to remember when developing a business presentation and how to use them effectively. After the points were discussed, the author told what a presenter should gain by following his secrets. 3. What questions did you ask yourself as you were reading? The main questions I asked are as follows:

What are the eight secrets?
How do they work?
What does the presenter hope to gain by following these tips? Are there any other references or resources I can use to help in presentation development? 4. How can you change your note taking skills for the future? At this point, I really do not believe that I need to change a lot about the way I take notes. I have done it the same way for many years, and it seems to work for me. I might end up writing a lot of information, but by doing so I find that I remember things a lot better. 5. What would you do to retain this information for later use? To retain information, I study, study and study some more. I always go back over the notes I have taken several times. If I find that there is something that I am still unclear about, I then will go back and re-read the section and correct my notes so that I understand it better. 6. How might the SQ3R method help you improve your reading comprehension and retention skills? I, personally, have found the SQ3R method very...
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