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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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Workforce Planning Research Paper
50% of your Final Grade
Due Week 7 – Sunday by Midnight EST

There are two parts to this Research Paper Assignment.
Part I- Overview/Impression Summary  
* Submit a 4-page overview / impression paper of the workforce planning process that exists in your current organization (or within the target organization approved by your instructor) * This assignment grade will be graded as part of your overall final paper grade; failure to submit this assignment will be reflected in your paper grade * As part of this 4 page overview, please include the Company you have selected, an overview on the company including Mission/Vision/Values, demographics, how the company is organized, key business strategies (what are the key priorities/strategies for this organization to achieve results?) * Additionally, you are to summarize the KEY BUSINESS ISSUE OR CHALLENGE taking place in your organization which is WHY workforce planning is needed. As mentioned in your Bechet textbook, Workforce Planning is not done simply for the sake of Workforce Planning, there needs to be a substantial business reason as to why it is necessary that Workforce Planning be implemented. Examples of an acceptable BUSINESS ISSUE OR CHALLENGE include Growth/Expansion within the company or internationally, new product launches requiring new skillsets, etc with the workforce, opening a new location in the business, merger/acquisition activity, or linkage to any other key business strategy within the organization. Page 46 in your Bechet textbook can give you other suggestions for Business Issues that have been influenced by Workforce Planning efforts. * Please include at least 3-5 sources in your references section of your Research Paper * APA FORMAT IS A MUST FOR THIS PAPER

* A key component of this paper will be the Workforce Planning Quantitative Gap Analysis that you conduct using Chapter 5 of the Bechet Textbook. You will need to...
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