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Improvement of Students’ Competency After Attending
Writing 2C Class

I. Introduction
Writing 2 is a compulsory course which be held for all English Department students in 2nd semester. It learns about how to write well in English, especially learns how to make a good scientific writing. Scientific writing is very important in future, because all students must write thesis in the end of year in college. So that, from the beginning the lecturer gives many knowledges to 2C students about how to write scientific writing well. It is needed more exercises to make good writing, because a good writing can not be produced instantly. It must be a process during learning. After attending the writing learning students get competency improvement in writing. The competency concists of three aspects. There are cognitive, psycomotor, and affective. All of the competencies are important, because students’ improvement can be measured by these competencies. In this paper, the writer wants to know what competencies improvements which the students have been gotten in the 2nd semester English Education Department of Yogyakarta State University 2C class after attending writing II for about 8 weeks.

II. Content
The writer makes a research based on data which is obtained from reflection file in The population is 21 students of 2C class. There are 3 different kinds of data; cognitive improvement, psychomotor improvement and affective improvement. A. Cognitive Improvement

Cognitive is related to how brain works in accepting intellectual knowledges. After getting cofnitive improvement students can think and understand more about the lesson. Also, students can memorize and save knowledges well in brain. Based on research, this is the data of cognitive improvement which is gotten by 2C class. The data can be classified into two points. There are linguistic improvement and nonlinguistic improvement. Linguistic improvement still can be classified into some points : academic paper, title, paragraph, sentence, and word. While nonlinguistic improvement can be divided into some group too : IT improvement and non IT improvement. 1.1 Linguistic Improvement


Paper1.Saya tahu apa itu academic paper
2. saya tahu ketentuan format menulis academic paper.
3. saya tahu bahwa dalam akademik paper tidak boleh menggunakan sudut pandang personal.13 7

Title1. Saya tahu bahwa fungsi judul untuk menunjukkan isi dari sebuah tulisan.18
Paragraph1. Saya tahu bahwa dalam satu paragraf hanya boleh terdapat satu inti 2. Saya tahu bagaimana caranya membuat paragraph koheren, kohesif, unity3

Sentence1. Saya tahu bagaimana cara menulis kalimat yang baik 2. Saya mengerti tentang aplikasi structure dalam kalimat
3. Saya tahu cara menulis kutipan, paraphrase dan bibliography. 4. saya tahu cara menggabungkan kalimat yang berbeda(dengan cohesive device)13 1


conjuction1. saya tahu bahwa punctuation itu penting.
2. saya tahu conjuction itu penting.6
GrammarSaya tahu rumus 3318
Word1. saya tahu bagaimana menghindari pengulangan kata.
2. saya tahu mengenai imbuhan kata
3. saya tahu bagaimana cara membentuk kata benda.
4. Saya mengerti tentang dictionary work
5. Saya tahu cara break down kata2

Total data cognitive improvement linguistic aspect : 134

1.2 Non Linguistic Improvement
Non LinguisticITWebsite online1. Saya tahu tentang VAIL
2.Saya tahu yk-edu.org4

Software (MS. Word)1. Saya tahu cara menambah vocab saya melalui thesaurus work 2. Saya tahu bagaimana mengoreksi pekerjaan orang lain menggunakan review MS. Word19

NON IT1. Saya tahu bagaimana mendalami objek

2. Saya tahu plagiarism
3. Saya tahu cara mencari ide
4. Saya tahu...
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