The Internal Reasons for Nokia's Failure

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作 者: 陈婷婷 学 号: 204080103 系 部: 外语系
专 业: 英语(经贸英语方向)
题 目: 手机巨人的倒下—诺基亚失败的内部原因 The Collapse of the Mobile Giant—The Internal Causes of Nokia’s Failure

指导者: 李健 讲师
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(姓 名) (专业技术职务)

2012 年 5 月 南 京



摘 要1


Chapter 1 Introduction3

CHapter 2 the Failure of the Innovation4

2.1 The Effect of Enterprise Inertia4
2.1.1 The Definition of Enterprise Inertia4
2.1.2 Nokia’s Enterprise Inertia5 Distribution Channel Crisis5 The Problem in the Product Line6
2.2 Out-dated Design Concept6
2.2.1 Definition of Design Concept6
2.2.2 Nokia’s Design Concept7
2.3 Innovation Lags8

Chapter 3 Resistance to Change10

3.1 Ignorance of Consumer Demand10
3.1.1 Definition of Consumer Demand10
3.1.2 The Importance of Consumer Demand11
3.1.3 Nokia’s Ignorance12 from Meet to Create Consumer Demand12 Upgrade of Consumption13
3.2 The Problem of Mobile Phone System14
3.2.1 Present Market Situation14
3.2.2 Contrast of Symbian and Apple14
3.3 Modern Bureaucratism in Nokia16
3.3.1 Hold Back Innovation16
3.3.2 Wasted Advanced Technology16

Chapter 4 Old Business Model17

4.1 Definition of Business Model17
4.2 Characteristics of Business Model18
4.2.1 Profitable18
4.2.2 Sustainable18
4.2.3 Adoptability18
4.3 Comparisons of Nokia and Apple in Business Model18 4.3.1 Collaborative Network18
4.3.2 Product Innovation19
4.3.3 Income methods20
4.3.4 Relationships with Consumers20

Chapter 5 Conclusion21



摘 要

从生产纸张到成为全球手机行业的领军者,北欧世界为数不多的明星品牌,左右芬兰国家经济的决定力量,诺基亚的传奇飘扬了近150年,当这颗璀璨的企业之星光芒日益暗淡之时,所有的人都在思考和议论:为什么?鉴于现在手机市场的此消彼长的深刻变化,注重创新和优化顾客服务对于手机产业日益重要的趋势,结合与苹果,HTC等成功手机品牌的对比,本文讨论了诺基亚近几年迅速垮台的内部原因。在此基础上探讨了“不创新,不紧握时代脉搏,再高的巨人也会倒”的核心观点。同时,本文进一步分析了我国国产手机品牌能从中学到的教训与经验,以及未来战略发展可行计划。探讨揭示了:在当今的市场竞争条件上,创新意味着突破自身的局限,在坚实的基础上实现宽泛的融合;创新还意味着不仅是改变产品的外观和性能,多样化的,细致入微的服务才能使产品保持顾客的黏度和忠诚,甚至可以说,提供服务比提供产品更加重要。 关键词: 创新 消费者需求 潮流 守旧 企业的战略合作 商业模式


With the nearly 150 years legend experiences, Nokia, a paper producer in the past and a leader of global mobile phone manufactures at present, is a rare star brand in the North Europe and a decisive power of Finland’s economy. Everybody are wondering what on earth bring about Nokia’s dilemma while witness its’ failure. Considering the shift in the mobile market, the trend of paying more attention to innovation and customer service, and comparison with Iphone and HTC’s successes, this dissertation discusses the internal causes of Nokia’s loss. On this basis, the thesis put forward the key opinion that even the greatest enterprise collapse without creativity and keeping up the trend. The research points out: on the condition of present market competition, innovation means breaking manufacture’s own limits, realizing the board fusion on current solid foundation. And innovation also not only means changes in product’s appearance and function, but also providing diverse and meticulous service which can maintain customer’s loyalty and even is becoming more important than the former. Key words: Innovation, Creativity, customer needs, Fashion Trend, Conservatism, Strategic Cooperative Partnership,Business Model...
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