Nokia Crisis Management

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nokia crisis management
Paper no. XXXVII



Under the guidance of:
Mr. Atul Gupta
Hindu College,
Delhi University

Compiled by:
Komal Grover
B.Com (h) II year
Roll No: - 608
Hindu College
Year: - 2007-2010


A crisis is a major, unpredictable event that threatens to harm an organization and its stakeholders. Although crisis events are unpredictable, they are not unexpected. The practice of crisis management involves attempts to eliminate technological failure as well as the development of formal communication systems to avoid or to manage crisis situations. Crisis management also involves establishing metrics to define what scenarios constitute a crisis and should consequently trigger the necessary response mechanisms. It consists of the communication that occurs within the response phase of emergency management scenarios. Here we will discuss about what all Crisis Management is and its scenario in India.

Historically it has proved difficult for the companies to deal with crisis that has obsessed the Company. As well established organizations begin to look seriously at this whole new field of management, the Crisis Managing Companies face significant challenges in maturing and scaling to sustainability.

We will also look at the role of Crisis Management in empowering the organizations to deal with the inherent risks involved in their industry in a much matured way; in making the organizations prepared, for any crisis that may arise, well in advance; the benefits of Crisis Management thus far and the various limitations in the Crisis management scheme which hamper in serving the aforesaid objectives.

The project also deals with various examples of some deep-rooted companies with their success stories in dealing with crisis that haunted their reputation and hindered their growth. The last part of project relates to the Scope of Crisis management in the present scenario, the leadership framework required with a crisis management programe and the various recommendations in order to better utilize the tool of Crisis management efficiently.


I wish to acknowledge my profound gratitude to all those who assisted in the completion of this project. Of the many people, who have been tremendously helpful in its completion, I am extremely thankful to my mentor Mr. Atul Gupta for his constant support, guidance and help during the course of this project.

Komal Grover
B.Com (H) - II year


I Komal Grover, hereby declare that this project is based on my understanding of the subject and has not been copied from any published source or website. I certify that all the work done on the project is the outcome of my own efforts and I have not imitated the project or any part, howsoever, from any pre-written source.

Komal Grover Mr. Atul Gupta
B.Com(H)- II Year Lecturer, Hindu College



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