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Essential Communication in a Community Crisis Situation
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October, 24, 2012
Weezie Hawkins

Essential Communication in a Community Crisis Situation

As director of the regional Emergency Management Office, I am responsible for addressing everyone including the public of any environmental disasters that have or may take place. Today I received an official report that contained information in reference to public water supplies of several towns in the area that have become contaminated with a life-threatening biological agent. As everyone here knows; contingency plans must now be addressed within the organization and the public must be notified without creating a panic. Effective employee communication must be prepared for at all times regardless if the situation is unavoidable or not. However, a crisis situation calls for proper organizational structures and processes to be put in place before a crisis hits. This may include assigning responsibilities, training employees and establishing instruments which will enable a smooth top-down and bottom-up employee communication. A good crisis communication plan will allow a quick and effective response during an emergency ("Effective Risk and Crisis Information", 2012). Some potential advantages and challenges associated with communicating within the organization and with the public and private sectors are principles of collaboration. No single sector is prepared with all the resources, knowledge and capability necessary to respond to large scale disasters. Public, private and nonprofit entities must work together to ensure safe communities when preparing for and responding to emergencies. Other challenges that may arise are increased population density, increased population settlement, increased technology hazards or dependency, increased risk of terrorism, emerging infectious disease and increased global and international travel ("Effective Risk and Crisis Information", 2012).

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