Ethical Issue of Nokia

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Unethical conduct of Nokia

In recent months, Nokia releases a video to demonstrate the most advanced camera

phone technology-PureView camera. It is a centerpiece of the new Nokia smart

phone-Lumia 920. The company used what appears to be professional video

equipment to produce misleading demonstration videos. 

In the video, there is a glimpse of the camera that is actually shooting the scene in the

reflection of a trailer. It revealed that a professional camera crew using a camera to

film the video inside a white van. We understand that Nokia want to impress users,

but there is a pretty clear-cut line between showing off what you have got and

misleading consumers.

This action may violate the IMA Guidelines for ethical behavior, "competence" and

"credibility" especially. For "competence", the firm should provide accurate, clear,

concise, and timely decision support. Nokia must not mislead consumers in order to

affect their purchasing decision. In this case, Nokia should apologize to people and

remove all deceitful videos.

For "credibility", the firm should communicate information fairly and objectively,

disclose all relevant information that could influence a user's understanding of reports

and recommendations. Nokia is a famous worldwide mobile phone manufacturer.

Most users may believe Nokia's capability and declaration. Therefore, Nokia should

avoid any action that may harm its credibility. If not, Nokia will lose the support of

users. For this case, Nokia should hold a press conference to explain the issue and

show the true information of Lumia 920.

Ethical conduct of Nokia

Nokia is strongly committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and full

compliance with all applicable national and international laws. This includes, for

example, labor conditions, antitrust and promoting fair competition, prevention of

bribery and corruption, good corporate governance, the protection...
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