The Importance of Risk Management: Alcohol and Drugs Control

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Table of Content
1. Introduction p.4
1.1 Aim and Objective p.4 1.2 The Importance of Risk Management and Alcohol and Drugs Control p.4 2. Risk Management p.5 2.1 Issue of Alcohol and Drugs p.6&7 2.2 Analysis Alcohol and Drugs Impact p.8 3. Risk Control p.9&10

4. Conclusion p.11
5. Reference p.12
Critical to analysis and evaluate the vital elements of risk management and the solution in Oktoberfest. 1.2 The Importance of Risk Management and Alcohol and Drugs Control Risk Management should have considered an important component in the event planning. It usually happens when the event is inexperience, lack of practice, improper planning will affect the event to be unsuccessful. There is so many event risks occur during the event such as crowd management, communication, stewarding and security, environment (pollution), emergency services and alcohol and drugs. In this report, I am going to illustrate and explain one type of the risk management which is alcohol and drugs issues and impacts; also, I will talk about Oktoberfest as an example to support this report and give solutions at the end. 1.1 Aim and Objective

Risk Management
Julia, S. (2008) believes that risk management is the purposeful recognition of and reaction to uncertainties with the explicit objective minimize liabilities and maximize opportunities using a structured approach and common sense, rather than avoiding the issue. Risk management is to understand context, identify it, analysis it and evaluate it. Firstly, organizer has to well understand the context of the event, perceived what type of this event is and the financial. Of course, all the organizers know this is a fundamental concept. Secondly, Organizer should be aware and can be able to predict the risk of people, property, finances, image and environment at the event by using common sense, guest’s feedback or the past data of the event. Under the similar situation, organizer can be able to assume that the future event of a similar case occurs. Moreover, created a contingency plan “Plan B”, a backup plan in case a “what if” session or create a fault diagram such as a list of a specific group may ruin or destroy the event. After identify the possibility of the risk at the event, organizer can think about how and the possibility of the risk by using the critical thinking or researching sources. Thirdly, organizer has to make decision how to minimize the problem to control, prevent the risk happens and give solution by “making events as safe and secure as possible” (Berlonghi, 1990, p.4). Also, all these solutions have to be operated, people participated in and evaluated by organizers and participates at the event. Otherwise, people get hurt or killed and property damaged or lost, they will look for the 5 reimbursement and the organization would lose a lot of money or entrap a financial crisis which is not the result what you want to happen. 2.1 Issue of Alcohol and Drugs at the Event

There are so many issues at the event no matter small scale event birthday party to big scale event Olympus. Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival that is held every year in Munich, Germany, running from late September to early October. It is one of the most famous events in Germany and the world's largest fair, with six million participates attending every year, and is a significant part of Bavarian culture. Other cities such as United State, British and Japan around the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations in their countries, modeled after the Munich event. (Island Oktoberfest, 2012) Nowadays, people celebrate Oktoberfest with a lot of beers or wines and enjoy the traditional Germany food. Thus, facing to the large amounts of alcohol consumption, hosts only sell beers, wine and sparkling wine at a maximum approximately 6% alcohol served during the Oktoberfest. However, there is no hard liquid and cocktail drinks provide in order to avoid the crowed and reduce the amount of drunken people during...
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