Proscenium and Concert

Topics: Proscenium, Thrust stage, Event management Pages: 12 (4231 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Title:Planning a concert particularly its facilities

Thesis statement: A concert would not be possible without considering the importance of an organized and well-equipped facility.

Successful concerts are what performers and organizer and audiences all hope for. This not only means the thoughtful programming of quality music, but also a smoothly run performance and production. Therefore, a lot of planning and making sure that everything is in order is the key to a successful all-out concert (Hudson, 2012). According to Vertudez, one of our interviewees, “Planning ahead of time [is the most important thing in organizing an event]. There could be some difficulties in setting up the facilities if you would not plan ahead of time.”

Concerts became increasingly important to consider the many facets involved in presenting a concert. Concert events have been part of many cultures. Thus, it should require a lot of attention when organizing such events since a lot of participants are expecting a sure blast from it, taking into concern that 18 out of 40 concert attendees consider the facilities before attending concerts.

For a start, it is necessary to determine what is wanted to attain out of the concert. Our interviewees mentioned the purposes of the concert they organized and to whom these concerts are for. This means that the organizers should need to identify the target audience of the concert and write a list of everything that is needed to be done. Preparing for logistics must be at the top of the list. Logistics are all the details that make the event happen. They range from ordering of the foods, if there is, to making sure that clean-up happens after the meal; from finding the right location to making sure that the needed props are ready. In short, logistics are all the little and big aspects that make for an event. The whole procedure of conceptualizing starts with setting up regular meet-ups with the concert committee to organize the aim of the plan (Matthews, 2008).

The general principle behind a facility is to provide an area in which audience can enjoy the concert event in a safe comfortable atmosphere. The facilities and structures are crucial for the whole event. Facilities are the aspect that ensures the smooth run of the concert. Facilities are composed of almost everything that is needed to make an event look perfect. The facility starts with the whole venue itself, the size, the capacity to accommodate people and the structure of the place, basically everything about the whole site. The sitting capacity, entrance and exit are also parts of the concerns of the facilities. Furthermore, the main concern of facilities in the concert is the equipment and sound system for the whole performance of the concert which is basically the highlight of the whole program. A concert is not be possible without considering the importance of an organized and well-equipped facility.

It is always important to plan ahead of time when organizing events like concert. According to Quay (2012), the scope of the event may differ depending on the venue, some principles and practices to reduce uncertainties associated with planning. The venue should be settled first for existing facility available for the event. This is one of the essential factors when researching the feasibility of the project. The decision whether to hold the even indoor or outdoor is important. According to the results of the survey we conducted, 14 out 40 respondents prefer indoor events than outdoors because of the facilities used. Indoor concerts are held in appropriately sized venues for the anticipated crowd with public safety being the primary concern. However, campus facilities and resources should primarily support the event. In outdoor events, the facility should be maintained starting from walkways, sidewalks and entryways. These things are to be considered when deciding whether to hold an indoor or outdoor...
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