The Importance of Human Approach to Educational Management

Topics: Management, Organization, Motivation Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Course: Introduction to Educational Management and Planning
Course code: PDE 113
By Morokake Dairo

Question:The Importance of human approach to educational management

The human relations movement developed in reaction against the formal tradition of classical models. The humans relations approach occurred in the Hawthorne plant of the Western Electric Company in Chicago. Three early experiments were conducted to study the “relation of quality and quantity of illumination of efficiency.” It was concluded that employee output was not primarily related to lighting conditions, too many variables had not been controlled in the experiments. Although the human relations approach has been criticised for being too soft on the workers to the detriment of the organization, a great deal of attention was given to informal aspects of the organization and there were relatively little impact upon the formal organization. human relations pertains to motivating people in organisations in order to develop teamwork which effectively fulfils their needs and leads to achieving oganisational goals. The classical school did not give importance to the human aspects of the workers. Therefore, they did not achieve a high level of production efficiency and co-operation between the management and workers. The basic principles of human approach are;

Human beings are not interested only in financial gains, they also need recognition and appreciation. Workers are human beings, so they must be treated like human beings and not like machines, managers should try to understand the feelings and emotions of workers. An organisation works not only through formal relations, but also through informal relations. Therefore, managers should encourage informal relations in the organisation along with formal relations. Workers need a high degree of job security and job satisfaction. Therefore, management should give job security and job satisfaction to the workers. Workers want good...
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