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Employee Welfare

By | April 2011
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ENROLLMENT NO: 097973695

A Study on Employees’ Satisfaction of Welfare Measures in CIAL.

The Oxford Dictionary defines labour welfare as “efforts to make life worth living for worker. Organizations provide welfare facilities to their employees to keep their motivation levels high. The employee welfare schemes can be classified into two categories viz. statutory and non-statutory welfare schemes. The statutory schemes are those schemes that are compulsory to provide by an organization as compliance to the laws governing employee health and safety. These include provisions provided in industrial acts like Factories Act 1948, Dock Workers Act (safety, health and welfare) 1986, Mines Act 1962. The non statutory schemes differ from organization to organization and from industry to industry.

Earlier in industry “Employee welfare” was not having any considerations. Employee was treated merely as a factor of production. In economics four factors are considered to be the crux of production. Because of this reason these factors (land, labour, capital and organization) are called factors of production. For better production these factors need to be improved. There is a limit for improvement of land, capital and organization. The cost associated with its improvement is high. But in case of labour there is no limit for improvement and the cost is comparatively less. Performance of employees can be improved either by providing training or by keeping them satisfied.

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