Challenges in Human Relations

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Current and Future Management Challenges in Human Relations

Purpose: The purpose of this presentation is to highlight challenges faced by today’s manager and discuss potential future challenges.

Thesis: Today’s management faces many difficult challenges in human relations in the workplace. From the lackluster economy and corporate greed to increasing diversity and highly educated working families, managing effectively is becoming a rapidly changing and multi-faceted undertaking. This presentation will explore these challenges and possible future challenges. A. Workplace Diversity and Changes in Gender Roles

1. The Challenges of Workplace Diversity
2. Working Couples
B. Highly Educated Workforce
1. Increase in white collar workforce
2. Higher education and awareness
C. The Cost of Labor
1. Economic Slump
a. Greed
b. The 20-hour work week
1. Possible Future Challenges for Worker/Management Relations a. Increased Diversity
b. Increased Crunch in labor costs
A. Closing
B. Restate thesis
C. Review main points
1. Workplace Diversity and Changes in Gender Roles
2. Highly Educated Workforce
3. The Cost of Labor

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