Integrated Marketing Communication

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Assessment for 2009/10 Term 3

Critical Evaluation of Current Marketing Communications Practice & Theoretically Underpinned Marketing Communications Plan Selected Retail Organization: Nordstrom

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Company’s overview
Nordstrom is a sophisticated departmental store that offers a pleasant shopping experience to all who step on its floor. Nordstrom’s target markets comprise women, men, girls, and kids of the upper and higher-middle section of the society. Nordstrom gives a lot to their consumers in both goods and service. When asked, clientele say they expect goods that are fashionable, long lasting, and of high quality (Mulady, Kathy (2001). Right from the start, the business philosophy was:

“Based on exceptional customer service, selection, quality and value” (Nordstrom Employee, 2006)

Key markets and Area of operations
Nordstrom’s has unique sections of the department store for women’s, men’s, juniors, and children’s attire. There are also different divisions for shoes, handbags and fragrances. * Nordstrom’s has 166 stores inside 28 different states as well as their catalogue and online websites. An internal strength of Nordstrom is its excellence in customer service. An internal flaw that Nordstrom has is their very fluctuating return policy. One of the biggest opportunities for Nordstrom is the progression of technology, which they have capitalized on in their retailing system (Fasiq Lisa. B, 2006). Threat for Nordstrom lies in its rival having a greater distribution of store locations in comparison to Nordstrom, Nordstrom has fewer stores on the east shore compared to some of its competitors. Distinct from their competitors, Nordstrom’s policy does not run television advertisements during sales. Nordstrom’s extensive marketing research and marketing reports suggests that the company has a full comparative advantage in implementing its concept of integrated marketing communication in the most successful way. not only that the company is known to have maintained best public relations (specially the employees and consumers) which is the key element of integrated marketing communication (H, Bee 2006). The company has provided the unique and most comfortable shopping experience for each of its market segment. Its clientele do not have to provide with reasons to shop at Nordstrom. * “Word of mouth advertising” is the best technique of Nordstrom, that that exist between satisfied customers and potential clientele who have helped it to grow (Levinson, Meridith 2005). Key Objectives

Nordstrom’s mission of providing customer service, quality, selection and value to its customers is carried out in every aspect of the company.

Concept of Integrated Marketing Communication
Integrated marketing communication is combination of all marketing techniques, approaches, tools and resources within a company which maximizes impact on customer mind and which results in maximum profit at minimum cost. Generally marketing starts with "Marketing Mix” sales promotion (also trade promotion), and personal selling. It too includes internet marketing, direct marketing, sponsorship marketing, public relation and data base marketing. Integration of all these promotional tools combined with other elements of marketing mix to gain edge over competitor’s strategy is called Integrated Marketing communication. Importance of Integrated marketing communication:

To develop a strong consumer brand relationship, integrated marketing communication builds a strategy through data driven approach that focuses on identifying and responding to consumer perceptions with the right online and offline channels. This involves understanding the right touch points to choose to reach consumers and knowing how and where they are exposed different types of...
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