Managers Enhance Job Satisfaction

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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“Managers should do whatever they can, within reason, to enhance the job satisfaction of their employees.” I agree with this statement. A good manager is not measured by what he does or how much he does of it but rather by what he is able to get others to do. He must be able to see the mission of the company and set goals for his organization or department accordingly. However, he mustn’t only set these goals; he must get his staff to see the value of these goals in accomplishing the vision of the company. In order for him to do this, he must enhance the job satisfaction of his employees by minimizing turnover rate, absenteeism, and deviant behavior and increasing productivity. Turnover rate is how fast employees leave the company. Absenteeism is the failure to show up to work or skip on a regular basis. Deviant behavior is behavior which violates social norms and undermines the goals and objectives of the company. These factors offer an accurate representation of the job satisfaction within a company. If absenteeism is a common thing, it means that employees are not happy with their job and are not motivated to work. If a person enjoys where he works he will go above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done because he doesn’t want to disappoint the company and would like to see it succeed. Absenteeism often leads to turnover. If the employee is unhappy for a long time he will finally get tired of working at the company and will want to leave to find a better job. However, if he doesn’t have anywhere else to go, he will start acting out and display deviant behavior. The employee will be frustrated with the company and won’t care about its mission or its goals. It’s an endless cycle that leads to low productivity. Productivity is the quality or quantity of employee output. If the employee is unhappy as illustrated by the aforementioned factors he is not motivated to work and is unhappy with his current position. When he is required to work he won’t perform...