Theories of Scientific Management

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Compare and contrast the theories of Scientific Management with that of the Human Relations management approach

As I read our text, I discovered that a thoroughly studying and testing different work, methods to identify the best, most efficient way to complete a job is considered Scientific Management. This approach studied the way in which workers performed in an attempt to make the organization run more efficient. Different tasks were broken down into small parts during this study and then each one was analyzed to see what was the best way of doing the task. While on the other hand, the human relations approach argues that people are emotional rather than economic-rational beings. This approach sees people more as just social systems rather than mechanical ones. The Human Relations Management focuses on the people as the major principle instead of the organization. Do you think there is one best approach to management, or should managers adopt a variety of management styles? Explain your answer

Although, both approaches are meant to help the organization as a whole, I do not believe that it is accurate for me to say that either approach is better than the other. I believe that both approaches should go hand in hand. I understand and can appreciate both approaches, but, with every situation, the type of work and even in certain work environments I also understand that one approach may or may not work. I believe that a manager should always stay versatile and open for the different situations that may and will occur. A manager should never settle or become comfortable with just one style, because what may work for one group of people may not be as successful for the other.


Williams, C. (2011). MGMT: 2010 Custom edition (3rd ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning
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