The Importance of Conflict Resolution in a Group

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  • Published: November 4, 2008
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The Resolution of Conflict
As an Effective Tool in Resolving Disagreements
Kristin Rochon University of Phoenix

Conflict resolution is an important skill that can be beneficial and lead to a greater understanding of our fellow man and our common denominators. It is through conflict resolution that we can learn to work together for the greater good. Conflict resolution is an important part of working in a team. Different aspects of conflict include a brief history, types of conflict, mediation, negotiation, arbitration and how to deal with conflict constructively. Conflict will arise in our everyday lives. It is how we deal with conflict that defines us,

Conflict Resolution and Its Impact in the Academic World
Conflict resolution is an important part of working in a team -- whether in an academic or professional setting.
Conflict is an inescapable part of our everyday lives. When people from different backgrounds, ages and mindsets work together, the potential for disagreement is always present. Being able to constructively manage conflict is now considered as an inevitable part of management (Elsayed-Elkhouly, 1996). This paper will discuss aspects of conflict resolution, the history of conflict resolution, why conflict resolution is important, different styles of conflict and different strategies for managing conflict including: “The Four R’s,” an “A-E-I-O-U” model andmediation, negotiating and arbitration ( learning Team Toolkit, n.d.). Conflicts over different goals, the process of decision making and conflicts in an academic setting occur because of controversy, conceptual conflicts, conflicts of interest and developmental conflict (Johnson & Johnson, 1995). Conflict can have positive...
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