The Iipm Fraud.the Truth and the Pony Tailed Self Styled Dolt

Topics: Master of Business Administration, All India Council for Technical Education, Business school Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: March 11, 2013
This has been written as a response after reading a blog-post by Gaurav Sabnis. What follows has been written by an IIPM ex-student as well as ex-employee. Please read it completely and also forward it to as many people as you can so more students and parents are not lotted out of lakhs of rupees and their careers are not ruined by Planman

Thanks for raising this issue. It is indeed a shame how a person with minimal academic qualifications (MA Economics Correspondence Chennai University) has successfully managed to fool so many people with such convincing effect that the self-styled management guru and inventor of the "I Theory", as he has come to be known, is given more prominence in the media than Cambridge educated PhDs in Economics or Harvard trained MBAs. (Wonder who crowned him "Professor" anyway?) The print media plays a role in this game of deception as it earns huge revenues from IIPM's advertisements. Thus what you come to know in the Tribune or Times of India is that laptops aredistributed free (which is a blatant lie, as the cost is included in the Rs 7 lac plus fee) and where the students went for the GOTA (a waste of time and money anyway as students learn nothing) and not where they got their jobs and at what compensation. No names of the job recipients are divulged. No text books are given free, unlike other institutes like FORE, TAPMI, Welingkars or IMT Ghaziabad. Students have to depend on handouts and class notes only. Most of them do nothave a clue as to where an idea is taken from. The institute puts an overemphasis on unnecessary or irrelevant course requirements which may or may not be required in the industry as a means of impressing would-be parents and students to cough out the dough needed for a 'proper management education' which stresses on 'MBE course content'. Also the excessive stress on presentations in formal attire, which normally constitutes 40% of the course requirement makes the students plagiarise from B-magazines without...
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