Career Planning for Management Students

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Job is an activity through which an individual can earn money. It is a regular activity in exchange of payment. a post of employment; full-time or part-time position. Education or Special training may or may not be required. Short term


a person's progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life, as in some profession or undertaking One’s life work Usually requires special training Long term Security Self confidence Predictability A path to look forward Growth - A future

Most MBAs from the top-10 or even the top-25 ranked institutes find some job and hence they are technically “placed” but many of them are forced to take up jobs that could be easily managed by someone with a basic graduation degree itself. There are legions of MBAs in the field sales force of pharmaceutical or FMCG* companies, on the shop floor of retail outlets, and in different types of BPOs and KPOs. In 2000, there were about 600 colleges in India offering about 70,000 MBA seats. By the end of 2009, the number had increased to 1,400 colleges offering about 120,000 MBA seats! And this is increasing. *Fast Moving Consumer Goods


For Students of Management Courses


Things are clearer as far as what is required to get a good job The entire question here ends in things like Attitude, Communication, Presentation, Body language, Leadership. If candidates do not have these, it is tough for them to get good jobs and grow even if they may have the best of scores or grades in their course. On the contrary, if candidates have these skills and not very high grades or scores in the course, they are bound to get good jobs and grow in their careers.


“the cream of the crop” from a select few institutes for the Big Ones There are just jobs available and not careers. There are still good companies that are not among the top but are fast growing. They hire quality people only. Common scenarios to see in the country are: The scene is simple: Jobs for most, careers for a few.

Management Students working as calling executives in call centers Management Students doing petty sales jobs as marketing executives for very low wages Management students working as office assistant working on excel sheets and documenting things


It is next to impossible to directly get a job in Europe and Americas unless the individual has completed his/her course from a university in these countries itself. Otherwise also, Europe and Americas don’t require managers, what they require are people who can work on technical aspects (this too is not in a healthy state).


“all rounders”

who are extremely good communicators who can influence buyers’ decisions who are innovators who have high level of creativity Who can lead and Who have a never say die attitude



Command over English (both written and spoken) Good communication skills Good presentation skills Right Attitude Positive Body language Ability to take part in meetings and discussions Good selling skills Ability to understand and analyze client/market requirements Ability to conceptualize new products and solutions as per the market/client requirements Ability to Lead

AGM / GM Asst. Manager / Manager / Sr. Manager Executive / Sr. Executive 10 years 5 years

Vice – President / President / Director / CEO / CFO

Till the end of career

15 years

Course Duration

Career Start

Sales & Marketing

Product / Account Management

Business Development & Networking




An entrepreneur’s journey is the one of endurance and persistence. For those who dream of going the Entrepreneurship way, attitude, communication and leadership skills are indispensable. They should be ready for client interaction, sales, presentations and negotiations. But for them developing only these skills will not help. They need to learn to develop a vision and a mission and then set goals as per their vision. Without a clear...
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