The Effects of Stress on College Students

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  • Published : February 28, 2012
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The Effects of Stress on College Students
Nationwide around 18.2 million to 19.7 million students enroll in college every year. About 7,000 students drop out every day. (Profile America Facts For Features) Many students have different problems that make them decide between crossroads, whether to stick to education or just drop out. As a college student I often think about this particular crossroad because I’m stressed. Whether it’s homework, work, or any other problem, stress is bound to be there. There are different kinds of stress but two key ones are academic stress and social stress. As a fellow student I’m confident to say I know every college student has gone through it and can relate to it. When college students are stressed they have many consequences following them.

For instance working while going to school can be a hassle. You have days where you have to go to work and then you have days when you have to go to school. With work you have long shifts that last for hours and with school you have homework that needs to be done. While trying to do both you feel stressed and exhausted. You tend to be lazy in work, school and the outcome of that affects you. You start to fall behind in school preferring to focus more on work because it pays the bills around the house plus you don’t want to get fired either. Your mindset is that work is more important than school. You start to slack in school, ditch a couple of classes, decide to not do homework and next thing you know it failing your classes. In your head you start to think it’s too late to do anything now so you decide to drop out. You tell yourself you’re going to “come back to school” but really you never do. Academic stress are those challenges can be classes, difficulties with our schedule, academic and financial obstacles. You caught afford school so you’re taking out loans to pay and you know you’ll be in debt in the future. It can be stressful at times it seems impossible to find balance...
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