Effects of Stress on College Freshman

Topics: Drug addiction, University, Student Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: March 27, 2012
College is a new experience that comes along with a great deal of stress and pressure. Many freshmen at Morgan are under stress and pressure as they begin their college career; the effects of various stresses impact students’ everyday lives. Being overwhelmed is one of the most commonly felt effects of college stress. Because students feel overwhelmed they may struggle with perfectionism, issues such as drug use and heavy drinking, as well as dramatic weight gain or loss—it is likely that some students will drop out.

More students are arriving on campus with problems, needing support. Also, today’s economic factors are putting a great deal of extra stress on college students as well as their parents wanting them to do well in their courses. College is expensive. Some students attend Morgan on a scholarship or grant, some take out loans and some students’ tuition and fees are subsidized by their parents or guardians. The financial aspect of college can be quite stressful. Because some students are under pressure to maintain their scholarships grants or sponsorship from their parents they may struggle with perfectionism. Students will go above and beyond—essentially wearing themselves down. Some students are under intense pressure from their parents, advisors, or instructors to attain good grades. Students become overwhelmed with financial issues, challenging courses, difficult tests and other academic complications, combined with the more independent environment of the learning structure of college; many new and returning students find themselves studying long, hard hours. The effects of these common stressors could result in a student dropping out.

College freshmen face the most evident social challenges that usually involve leaving one’s family and friends, creating a new social network, dealing with being away from home for the first time and finding less parental support, most students face social stress. Balancing friends with school work and even a...
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