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English 101-240
28 February 2013
Why do so many students drop out of collage?
In today’s society a college education is very essential to the success of a person’s future career plans. The decision to go to college is a huge first step to making a difference in a person’s life. Unfortunately, there may be several reasons a student may be discouraged from continue their education as a result. The rate of students dropping out of college is increasing each day. There may be various reasons as to why students choose to or are forced to make such a decision. Dropping out of college can be associated with many unforeseen circumstances, such as the lack of dedication, financial hardship, and personal problems. When a person attends college he or she must work hard to achieve his or her graduation. In order to achieve graduation a person must be focused on his or her studies by taking notes and studying more than usual. It is important that a person show that he or she is dedicated to achieving these goals by attending his or her classes every day and on time. When a student starts to lose focus and is no longer dedicated, to their classes he or she can fear of failing class. The student then starts has the option to withdraw from his or her classes or just stop going to class. College has become very expensive. Some people cannot afford to finance their college tuition, causing them to take out loans and work a full-time or part-time job. There are some people who may not qualify for financial aid and are forced to pay tuition out of their own pockets. This may become a huge financial burden leaving them no other option but to drop out of school. Some students may depend on parents to pay their tuition. If the parent loses his or her job the student is forced to drop out of school. People can experience many changes in their lives. Changes can cause problems which force people to make hard decisions. The decision to drop out of school can be...
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