College Stress

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College Stress

People are exposed to stress on a daily basis. Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations and demands. Especially college students have issues with stress. College life can be very stressful. The competition of grades, the need to perform, relationships, career choices and any other aspects of the college environment cause stress. Stress follows student in the daily life and leads to mental and physical side effects, but students are able to cope and even prevent stress in different ways.

Stress exists in different forms in a college life of a student. First of all, some students experience stress as an extra burst of adrenaline. This form of stress helps to get a lot of done and meet any challenges. For example, sometimes students get a lot of assignments and usually they have to prepare them for the next day. This situation seems to be very stressful. However, this kind of stress, which refers to be positive stress, leads students to finish their homework. Positive stress is usually a short-term pressure. Unlike positive stress, there is another form of stress, what some people might call negative stress. Negative stress induces that people cannot return to a relaxed state. For instance, students have a lot of assignments, tests and presentations, but they postpone their work to another point of time until they stand under time pressure and feel very stressful. This form of stress, which is negative, usually refers to psychological effects and physical symptoms. However, a treatment and prevention of negative stress are possible in a college life.

When a college student is stressed out it can lead to mental effects. One effect could be suspiciousness. Students have usually a busy schedule, which contains of tests or other appointments. Therefore they might be thinking, how they can manage all the things and are starting to get panic attacks. Another result of suspiciousness could be a feeling of hopelessness in coping with...
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