The Development of Machine Translation

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  • Published: January 5, 2013
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The Development of Machine Translation

The information age has promoted the development of machine translation, but also for its higher requirements. Machine translation in experienced "Loyalty" is not ideal. The article attempts to machine translation researchers mention that recommended that Context and culture.The Context consider contribute little strength of the study, with a view to the development of machine translation.

Key words
machine translation; comprehensibility; loyalty; Context

What is machine translation? Simply put, machine translation is the application of computer text from one natural language into another natural language text translation. The translation climax in the history of China again and again set off, the translation of Buddhist scriptures in the Eastern Han to the Tang and Song dynasties, the Ming and Qing technology translation and the Opium War to the May Fourth Movement "to promote the progress of history. Today, the advent of the global information age is the translation climax conditions, requirements, involved in the field of computer science, mathematics, linguistics. However, the science of translation career how? Effects? How we will develop and make progress? In this paper, a review of the development of machine translation, disadvantages, role and prospects of superficial discussion, to answer these questions.

i. A history of the development of machine translation
The 17th century French philosopher, mathematician Descartes and the German mathematician Leibniz put forward the idea of using the machine dictionary overcome language barriers. In 1946, the world's first electronic computer was born, after 50 years of development, through the tortuous road success, there are setbacks, presented numerous challenges for researchers. Machine translation potential social and economic benefits, some Western countries as well as Japan and other countries have spent a lot of R & D, machine...
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