Applied Linguistics: Critical Review of Journal

Topics: Translation, Language, Research Pages: 5 (1439 words) Published: February 21, 2013
CRITICAL REVIEW OF APPLIED LINGUISTICS JOURNAL: Some Major Steps to Translation and Translator

Shallysa Rachmi Aisyah
Zaizin Miftakhul Afidha


Everybody can not be a translator although she or he knows a foreign language. Because of just having a good knowledge of foreign languages does not give any 100% assurance that a translation will be rendered reasonably well. A translator must be aware of the essence of the subject besides having a fine awareness of the language, including language rules, and spelling rules. This journal talking about research of Mohammad Reza Hojat Shamami’s study of the main issue at the core of theorizing translation practice and the feature of a good translator or how to be a good translator and of course what are the skills to become a Freelance Translator with its translation process. This knowledge which is generally written in the English language needs to be transmitted in various languages so that people who do not know how to speak and write the original language can get the knowledge necessary for industrial development and technological innovation to keep up with the rest of the world. To transmit this knowledge effectively, there is a need for competent translators in various languages.

In practice, there is always considerable variation in the types of translations produced by various translators of a particular text. This is because translation is essentially an Art and not Science. So many factors including proficiency in language, cultural background, writing flair, etc. Translation turns a communication in one language into a correct and understandable version of that communication in another language. Sometimes a translator has to take certain liberties with the original text in order to re-create the mood and style of the original. A translator does need certain tools to help him out in moments of difficulty. These tools can be in the form of good monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, encyclopedias, e-dictionaries, glossaries of technical and standard works, etc. pertaining to the SL text. He must have patience and should not be in a hurry to rush through while translating any text. To translate from one language into another has never been an easy endeavor. It is an exercise both painstaking and cumbersome and only those who have engaged themselves with translation work can realize the complex character of this Art. For the statement of the problem focusing on this fact, (Chomsky, 1965) how can someone turn into a good translator? And for the objective and the purpose of this research, it is important that translators are familiar with the product they are translating and also with the tools they are using. The translation process is not the replacement of one word with another, but the formation of concepts in another language. Knowledge of the product being translated provides more understandable products to the end user. Time and resources for educating translators should be planned well in advance. The methodologies of this research provide the translators with tools that increase productivity and that prevent translation of non-textual application data. When purchasing or developing a translation tool, the following features should be included. The literature review of this research, The Asian languages, particularly Persia, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese, represent a significant part of the translation industry in the United States, especially on the West Coast (Antal, 1963). Some agencies specialize in only Asian languages or even just one or two of them. Still others make the brunt of their money from these languages. For the result, we should know that it...
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