The Collaborative Negotiation

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  • Published : February 21, 2012
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The collaborative negotiation
A collaborative negotiation is where parties desire, and work towards achieving, a mutually beneficial outcome. In some cases this can mean reaching a “win/win” result. In a collaborative negotiation there is a greater focus on the genuine interests of the parties, rather than posturing or point scoring. In a collaborative negotiation, the parties will better understand each other’s interests. For example, A computer distributor approaches a Chinese supplier to tender for the supply of part “A” which it requires as a component part of its computing product. The distributor has approached this supplier because of its reputation for quality and because (unknown to the supplier) it wishes to enter the local market as a distributor. The supplier has a large amount of excess capacity and, unknown to the distributor, is also capable of manufacturing component parts “B” and “C” which could form part of the distributor’s product. In the example, the genuine interests of the distributor go beyond securing a supply of part “A”, as it wishes to break into the new market. The supplier’s genuine interest may be to have the opportunity to supply the other components “B” and “C” and secure a long-term relationship with the distributor. In collaborative negotiation, the approach is to treat the relationship as an important and valuable element.

In collaborative negotiation, it is assumed that the pie can be enlarged by finding things of value to both parties, thus creating a win-win situation where both parties can leave the table feeling that they have gained something of value. Fair process

As humans we have a deep need for fairness, and when this does not happen, even if we emerge as winners from a competitive negotiation, the result is not truly satisfying. The most comfortable result from a negotiation happens when our needs are met, including the need for fairness. Joint problem-solving

The collaborative approach to...
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