The Business Plan of a Hot and Cold Coffee Shop

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“Hot & Cold Coffee Shop”
TauhiDay Elahi
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May 10, 2008


Business Plan
I. I.                   Description and Analysis of the Business Situation  
Company Description: The type of business that I am offering is a coffee shop. The name of my coffee shop is Hot & Cold Coffee Shop “,” and I am offering a product and a service. Many people prefer and like peaceful and comfortable environments to relax in, while enjoying a variety of coffee beverages. My shop will offer this kind of an environment.  

Management: I will be the manager of my business, but will also have an assistant manager. My skills are a variety of courses in marketing, business technology, and four years studying in business management. I also have two years of college math and accounting classes. The assistant manger will be required to have a high school diploma, at least two years in business management courses and will need to have taken both, a marketing and business technology course. The assistant manager will also need to have taken an accounting course to keep track of money during the end of the day if I am not present.  

Legal Plan: I am a sole proprietor and my business will be operated as a proprietorship. The purpose of having an assistant manager will be to take over during certain shift, and to be in charge when I am not there. At the closing of everyday, I will be present for the counting of the money that comes in and to close the shop.  

Operating Plan: The work history, if there is one, of all of my employees, will need to show stability and good attendance. This also applies to my assistant manager. I will open the store and work until 3pm in the afternoon, and then my assistant manager will take over until closing. When it is time to close, I will return to help close down he store and to make sure that everything is done for the morning. Each employee will be trained on how to do everything required throughout the shop, and will work at different positions randomly. There will be a total of sixteen employees, this include day shift and night shift together. There will be a manager present at each shift. Every employee will come in when they are scheduled and a manger will come in at least a half an hour before their scheduled time. Each employee is required to clock in five minutes before their shift is scheduled to start. Monday through Thursday, the shop will be open from 5am to 7pm, and on weekends and Fridays, the hours will be 7am to 11pm. Materials that I need for my coffee shop will be, Styrofoam cups in a variety of sizes, tables, chairs, candles for the tables, a variety of flavored coffee beans, coffee mugs with shop logo for sale, cup lids, utensils, napkins, paper plates, an outside display sign, cappuccino and coffee maker. These are the main materials that I will need to start with to run my business efficiently.  

II. II.                Proposes Marketing/ Promotion Plan  
Analysis of Target Market: My target market customers are college students who attend the University of Arizona, University personnel, and adults who work in the area of the shop. I am also targeting teenagers that live in the area and that might do things in the area of the shop.  

Analysis of Location: The reasons I decided to have a shop near the University of Arizona campus, is because that area can by very congested and there are always numerous amounts of people out on the streets at any time of the day. Many people enjoy gourmet coffee but don’t want the hassle of waiting because they are in a hurry. That is why I have a drive through, to provide extra convenience. Many of the younger adults that attend the U of A also like peaceful environments where they can study or just...
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