Business Plan for Small Cafe

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Table of Content

Marketing Plan4
Introduce the product and/or service4
Define the Market4
Company Location4
Demonstrate a market need, define market drivers:5
Market Segmentation5
Consumer and Menu Trends6
The Market and Competition8
Government regulation9
Business Cycle9
Marketing Strategy10
Selling Incentives13
Location Analysis13
New Product Development13
Sales Forecast:14
Market Share:15
Marketing Salaries Budget:15
Legitimize claims and assertions17
Marketing Budget17
Operations Plan- The Enclave Bistro17
Positioning Statement18
Product and Service18
Products of the business:19
Keys to Success19
Sales Literature20
Legal Organization20
Reasons for forming an LLC21
Credibility of the Management Team21
Employee policies23
Key Employees24
Salary and wage policies26
Training and development26
Customer Satisfaction26
Vendor Relationship27
Risk Analysis28
Loss or Incapacitation of Key People28
Financial and Operational Controls29
Expense Budget29
Exit Strategy:30
Sale of the firm30
Industry Practices:32
Legal organization32
Vender availability33
Financian Plan:33
Pro-Forma Financials:33
Important Assumptions34
Financial Research42
Industry Overview42
Competitive Landscape42
Cited References44
Competitors List46
Floor Plan48
Location Map49

Marketing Plan

Introduce the product and/or service

Services of the business:
Casual Gourmet meals
Artisan Bakery (breads and pastries)
Café and Espresso
Flavorful wine selection

Meals served:
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Dine-in, Patio and Take-out

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Saturday 6 am to 10 pm
Sunday 7:30 am to 7 pm

Methods of Payment:
Cash and all major credit cards

Define the Market

Company Location:
Enclave Bistro is located at 15800 Spectrum Drive in Addison, Texas. The facility is 2500 square feet, providing adequate space for dinning, food preparation and inventory storage. The location will provide our guest the convenience of a bistro in the center of a dual development areas providing commercial and residential environment. Patrons will have ease of access to walk or drive to the location. There is free general public parking garages to handle the parking demands of the general public use and adjacent are parking lots that are shared with the Dart parking system for additional parking capacity. (See appendix for map)


Our target demographic during operating hours will be the mid-twenties to early sixties. Statistics provided by, disclose the greatest number of residents either male or female are between the ages of 25 and 30 with middle to high income. The majority of the residents in the area reside in 1 bedroom apartments or 3 bedroom houses. The bistro will appeal to single and married persons who are health conscious, highly intellectual yet trendy.

Demonstrate a market need, define market drivers:

Out of the 13,873 residents of Addison, 6100 of the residents are less than 30 minutes form home. Out of this number 1009 of the are less than 5 to 9 minutes from home. This is demonstrating that the people that live in this area also prefer to travel short distances. The Enclave Bistro will cater to this cliental with a convenient location in a residential and commercial use development. The traffic count for the area show that 7860 cars a in the area on daily basis as is listed as a saturation point in the traffic count report for Dallas County. So this suggests a heavy traffic pattern of commuters to the area for dining and recreation. This area is also having a growth of new development even in a slow market for other parts of the county. Market Segmentation...
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