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Madison’s Café

123 Main Street
Madison, WI 5714


Executive Summary
Madison’s café is a new bakery café establishment located on the east side of Madison, WI. Madison’s café hopes to bring interest to the local working class with its wide range of bakery good and simple lunch choices. This company plans to put together a strong marketing campaign to make our self known in hopes that the customers will continue to come back once they know what we are all about.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary

Market/Industry Anaylysis1
Business Concept1
Customers Channels2

Value Chain3


Marketing Plan6
Target Market6




Financial Plan9
Revenue Projections9
Expense Forecast9
Finacial Analysis9

Target Sales9

Works Cited10

Market Analysis

Business Concept
The business I would like to start up would be a local bakery café named, Madison’s Café. This café will be located on the east side of Madison, WI and will be open from 6am to 4pm seven days a week. Madison’s Café is the ideal place to stop for your morning coffee and a quick inexpensive breakfast, it will have a variety of different breakfast and lunch items waiting for you to come pick out or drive through to receive. This café is different than other because it provides a very relaxing environment for those customers to sit and enjoy or grab and go which ever they choose. This is different than most other fast food restaurants because we make it our goal to have our café feel warm and welcoming to all of our guests. The food industry is a very large and competitive market. It is very easy to succeed in this industry, if you are able to retain regular customers. It is also very easy to fail in this industry if you are not able to get customers to come into your business and buy your products. The food industry is always growing. There are always going to be new franchises opening up in different areas and new restaurants opening up by those people who want to get their own foods on the map. It is difficult to predict the future of the food industry even when the economy is in a recession. Everyone needs to eat and eating out may be a little more expensive than cooking yourself but it is convenient which is why many food industries are still in service today. According to Nerac, the trends consumers are looking for are more choices in food that are simple but still tasty. The threats for the food industry are if your products and service are not drawing enough attention to those customers, there is a good change your business may not be able to survive with all the competition out there. On the same matter since so many people are looking for new and exciting convenient food you are able to put your ideas out there to see how they match up with what those consumer want.

Given that my bakery café is going to focus on healthy food choices, convenience and price. These are three of the things that will positively affect my business because many people want a place where they can get something to eat quickly and inexpensive, but still have it be healthy. I believe the negative trends that may occur with some of my products, is that there will be unhealthy options at my bakery café such as scones and different pastries and having these type of options may drive customers to go elsewhere so they are not tempted to get one of the unhealthy treats. There are many cost that’s go into running a food business. Such as cost of goods, electricity and paying employees. Since one of my business main focus is lower prices I would have to make sure my profit margin are positive to be able to sell my food at a lower price but still be able to make revenue to be able to pay all my fixed and variable...
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