Digital Marketing

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction3
1.1 Market Summary3
1.2 Marketing Mix4
1.3 SWOT analysis5
1.4 Competition5
1.5 Product Offerings6
1.6 Target Markets strategy6
1.7 Financial7
1.8 Control7
1.9 suggestions8
1.10 Conclusion8

1.0 Introduction
Digital Marketing is relatively new term appeared recently on the arenas marketing but to this day did not take a definition literally accurate unable to be described and defined aspects correctly so as to widening its scope to include many aspects of traditional marketing and e-known plus them more ways marketing channels new, it includes, for example, but not limited to banners advertising, archiving sites (SEO), pay-per-clicks (PPC) marketing via e-mail, published Feeds (and intended to publish dynamic content on the Web RSS), broadcast channels, voice channels video broadcasting, blogging, blogs, marketing via SMS (SMS), marketing faxes and other various marketing means (Martin and Brett, 2003). Thus, digital marketing has introduced a new dimension of marketing integrates with marketing tools traditional, which were paid product or service to the client to change that to attract the attention of the customer to the product or service by creating a desire to get this service or product result interaction with her and actual users of these product or service based on their views and recommendations. Marketing through social channels refers to the use of marketing techniques provided by the various social networks to increase brand awareness, products and services or to achieve other marketing objectives.

1.1 Market Summary
Digital marketing techniques allow for the development of the relationship with customers to a level not attained by: continuous interaction is now available. Although met some resistance from some customers considering this type of intrusive marketing, or vice versa negative self. However, the use of voluntary reporting techniques, such as features of interest is growing acceptance among users, especially those who frequent them on a commercial site. Digital marketing used to get clients to achieve the maximum benefit for sale on the site and gain customer loyalty. Electronic marketing contributes to the open area in front of everyone to market their goods or their experiences without discrimination between the giant company with huge capital and between the individual normal Companies, small limited resources (Martin and Brett, 2003). Led the development of digital marketing to provide real opportunities for men and marketing organizations producing and distribution facilities such as a few obstacles, the interaction with the customer, customer retention, egalitarianism, micro-marketing, integrated functions, value added, modified concept of the title, ending the role of the traditional marketer, and customer authorization. There are many advantages or benefit of digital marketing. Cheaper products that are marketing via the Internet relative to other goods sold using catalos mailed or sold through traditional stores. Digital marketing helps consumers to shop 24 hours a day, it also provides a wide range or a wide variety of products, brands or trademarks, that unlike traditional marketing. Gives the digital marketing of consumers the opportunity to make comparisons to the prices of products before buying better and faster where consumers are not doing considerable time and effort compared to what was happening when roaming through the shops to compare prices. Internet marketing helps consumers who do not have access to have enough time for marketing, such as working women or business access to what they want from the products the fastest and easiest way. Online shopping helps to overcome the barriers of geography, where consumers can find out available on the market of products and services even outside the city limit residential living.

1.2 Marketing Mix
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