Small Business Plan

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B120 TMA 2012
TMA will be marked out of 100 and is worth 20% of the course assessment.

Cut-off Date: 16th of Dec, 2012

Word Limit: 1500 Words

Students Name: ID:Section:
Criteria| Q15| Q25| Q310| Q410| Q510| Q610| Q710| Q810| Q95| Q105| Q115| Refe5| W/ Count5| Use of Sources5| Total100 | Marks| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
Mark Deduction for Plagiarism| | |
| | Total Mark After Accounting for Plagiarism| Out of 100/|

Students at this level should start to acquaint themselves to the penalties of copying from sources and/or from their fellow students. They should understand that any plagiarised and/or copied assignment will result in a heavy market deduction.

Small Business Plan
The purpose of this TMA is to set up a small business plan through the attempt of the following questions: 1. Using external references discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of small business. 2. State the purpose of the business you intend to establish. 3. Identify the internal and external stakeholders.

4. Discuss the tool you will apply to assess the external and internal environment. 5. What type of business functions will be established?
6. What type of structure the business will adopt and why? 7. Discuss the process of selecting the required human resources. 8. Discuss the marketing plan for your business.
9. Discuss in detail the required budget to establish and run the business for the first 3 years. 10. Identify the revenues/losses expected during the first 3 years. 11. Explain the likely risks involved in this business.

You need to cite at least 3 different external references.
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