The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Reading Journal

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The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

By Kate M


1. Examine the title of your novel. Why do you think the author might have chosen this title? What might the title suggest the genre, theme, characters and settings off this novel?

The title of this novel makes me think that a boy in stripped pyjamas isn’t something that is usually seen and other people wonder why the boy wears the stripped pyjamas. I think this book will be about friendship and isolation. I think the main characters in this book will be young males because the person in the stripped pyjamas is referred to as a boy not a man.


1. What is the most important word, line or event that occurred in the part of the novel you read today? Why?

“You will have to say goodbye to your friends…” This line/quote from the book is upsetting because you can imagine a little boy (Bruno) having a fun time with his friends and being very close to them then his mother tells him he has to say good bye to them because they will be moving house which will be far away.

2. Which theme in the novel is being conveyed to you most clearly at this point? Why?

The theme of this novel is based around the war between the Jews and the Germans when Hitler was putting the Jews in concentration camps and gassing them. There is also a friendship forming between the two main characters, Bruno and Shmuel.

3. Which character do you find yourself being drawn to? What in the novel has created this response?

I find myself being drawn to the character Shmuel because I feel sorry for him because he is imprisoned in the camp. I feel I want to help him, get him out of the camp and to stop the Germans gassing the Jews. The author, John Boyne, has made the character of Shmuel seem innocent.

4. What intrigues, bothers or confuses you about the novel at this point?

It bothers me that when Bruno’s mother found out what actually happens in the concentration camps and her husband who is running the concentration camp that Shmuel is at, doesn’t care about how much he is making is wife suffer. “It’s horrible,” Mother was saying. “Just Horrible. I can’t stand it any more.” We don’t have any choice,” said father. “This is our assignment …” I feel sorry for Bruno’s mother because she had no idea that her husband was controlling the concentration camp and when each group of Jews would be gassed.

5. Who or what appears to be the source of conflicts in the novel so far? Explain.

There have been two major conflicts during the novel so far. The first conflict would be when the family moves house and the children, especially Bruno, don’t want to move, they want to stay and have fun with there friends. The second conflict would be when Bruno’s mother finds out what is happening at the concentration camp that her husband is controlling, (see question 4).

6. What role does setting play in the novel so far?

The setting throughout the novel has an important part of portraying the main theme of the story. The family moves to a house that is remote. Remoteness and isolation is essential for a concentration camp. If the camp was in a popular area such as a town or city, pretty soon people will find out the truth behind these camps. All of the bush/forest land around the house is perfect for Bruno to explore in and one day while Bruno was exploring, he found Shmuel on the other side of an enormous, barbed wire fence.

7. What do you think will happen in the next section of the novel?

I don’t have much of the novel left to read but I’m assuming that Bruno gets into the concentering camp to help Shmuel and some other Jews find Shmuel father (who had already been gassed). I think that Bruno will be discovered leaving the camp and will be sent to the gas chambers to be gassed.

8. Does this novel remind you of any other written texts you have read? In what ways?

This novel reminds me of another novel named ‘Sarah’s Key’. These two books are both...
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