President of the United States and Obama

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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How Obama Does That Thing He Does
Jack Shafer
1. Who do you believe was the author’s intended audience? Shafer is writing to the American voters, and non-voters. He is writing to explain Obama’s excellent speech skills. 2. What was the author’s intended purpose in writing the piece? He is explaining the methods, tactics and brilliance to Obama’s speech, composure and leadership skills. 3. What point does the author make in the text?

Despite Obama’s race, he is able to confront the criticism that he is faced with in an elegant way. He is able to relate to all races, and therefore breaks the race line. 4. What support or evidence does the author make in the point? Shafer uses many resources in How Obama Does That Thing He Does. He quotes a few political figures, to support his point. 5. Is there sufficient evidence? Why or why not?

Something Shafer could have added was what some of the voters, and not just people in the public eye’s opinions. I would have liked to know what the average person would have thought about Obama and his speeches. 6. Is the evidence logical? Why or why not?

The evidence that he does have is logical, because it supports his article. 7. What is the author’s tone in the article?
Shafer is obviously an Obama supporter. He doesn’t even mention any positive aspects of the Republican side. 8. What techniques did the author use to keep your interest? Or, why didn’t the writing keep your interest? How Obama Does That Thing He Does keeps my interest, not only because I have background information on the topic, but because Shafer makes the information relatable. 9. Examine the introduction and the conclusion. How effectively did these paragraphs work? In the introduction, Shafer explains what Obama’s speeches are like to viewers, and how they “swoon and wobble, regardless of race, gender, or political affiliation.” 10. Examine the organization of the writing. How well organized were the paragraphs and...
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