Tears of a Tiger

Pages: 18 (4468 words) Published: January 4, 2012
Tears of a Tiger
By Sharon M. Draper
A story of Realistic Fiction

Teacher Answer Guide Packet

Pre-reading Activity

Directions: Think about the words below. Free write for at least three minutes about each word. Use extra paper if necessary. Be prepared to share your thoughts with your classmates.

1. suicide

2. DWI

3. friendship

4. family

5. depression

6. discrimination

Pages 1-22 Vocabulary & Discussion Guide

Fiery (1)

Weaving (1)

Frantically (2)

Raggedy (4)

Stunted (16)

Infinite (16)

Discussion Questions
1. What does the newspaper article report in the first chapter? Four boys went out after the basketball game. Robert Washington is killed in a car accident, and the three other passengers escape injury. 2. Why do you feel the author chooses to begin the novel this way? How does that affect your opinion of the novel? The author chooses to begin the novel this way in order to hook the reader into the novel instantly. Answers will vary, but should include that the novel is going to be very interesting, deals with strong emotions, etc. 3. Who is Andy dating? Why do the other boys tease Andy about Keisha? Andy is dating Keisha. The other boys tease Andy because they say Keisha “has him on a leash.” 4. What are the four friends going to do after the game? Who does not drink alcohol? The four friends are going to drink beer and try to find a party. B.J. does not drink alcohol. 5. If you were in the same situation, what would you do – act like Andy, Rob, and Tyrone, or act like B.J.? Answers will vary.

6. Which member of the team decides to go home after the game instead of going with the guys? If you were this person, and you learned of the accident, what would be your first reaction? Gerald decides to go home after the game. Answers will vary, but could include they would feel guilty, relieved, etc. 7. Who calls Keisha to inform her about the accident? Why does this person assume that it was Andy who was involved in the accident? Keisha’s friend Rhonda calls her to tell her about the accident. The police reveal that a red Chevette was involved in an accident. 8. Who had the most to drink, according to Tyrone? Why do you think the police questioned Tyrone first? Andy had the most to drink according to Tyrone. Answers will vary, but could include that Tyrone was drinking, but not driving. 9. How was Rob positioned in the car?

His seat was pushed all the way back and his legs were on top of the dash. 10. Who was the first to escape from the car?
Tyrone was the first to escape from the car.
11. Why couldn’t the boys save Rob from the explosion? Who did Rob call to for help? Why do you think he called for this person? The car door was bend shut, preventing them from pulling Rob out. 12. Why does B.J. look to God for answers? What does that reveal about B.J.’s character? Answers will vary, but it could be that he has been raised to believe that God will help us through anything. This reveals that B.J. is a strong believer and has faith. 13. Why didn’t B.J. drive when he was the only sober one in the car? If you were in the same situation, what would you do? He never thought about it. He was just happy to be part of the group. Answers will vary. 14. Why does B.J. decide to go back to church? Would most people react this way? Why or Why not? B.J. decides to go back to church to help him deal with a problem that is bigger then he is. Answers will vary, but could include that most people who are raised in ‘church-going’ homes will react this way. It just depends on the environment of the person. 15. What is ironic about Andy being appointed as the new team captain for the basketball team? Who can we infer appoints Andy to this new position? Rob was the team captain before he died in the crash. We can infer that the coach appoints Andy to this new position and rallies...
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