To Kill a Mockingbird Outline

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Outline: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
I. Welcome to Monroeville, Alabama and also the 50th annual "Mockingbird Conference" for the book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
a. Now imagine, during the 1930's, that you were part of the trial of Tom Robinson vs. the Ewells.
b. At that time, which side would you have believed? The side of the Ewells (because they were white people, or out of fear) or would you side with Tom Robinson (because you knew that he was innocent and ignored that fact that he was colored)?

c. Honestly, if you chose to side with the innocent Tom Robinson, you would have not just been correct, but also brave and courageous.
d. When reading the novel, I believed that it's theme dealt with courage and bravery.
e. According to the way Harper Lee wrote her book, she also thinks that courage and bravery were also a very important theme of the novel. To prove this, I will show evidence from the book like: when Scout and Jem stood up to the lynching mob, when Atticus decided to stand up against the side of the whites because he knew Tom was innocent, and also when Mrs. Dubose stopped her drug addiction. II. a. One of the reasons why bravery was a main part of the book was because of the example when Scout and Jem stopped the mob from getting Tom Robinson, and possibly Atticus.

b. "I thought he [Atticus] would have a fine surprise, but his face killed my joy. A flash of plain fear was going out of this eyes, but returned when Dill and Jem wriggled into the light" (Lee 203).

c. What Lee was trying to say was that even Atticus was fearful of Scout, Jem, and Dill appearing in front of the drunk men because the children could have been harmed. However, the children ignored that fact and decided to help Atticus because she knew something bad was going on.

d. "Mr. Cunningham displayed no interest in his son, so I tackled his entailment once more in a last-ditch effort to make him feel at home. 'Entailments are...
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