Texting & Driving : 1 Way 2 Die

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Traffic Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Rani Samudrala
Mrs. Graham
English 10 H.
8 April 8, 2013
Texting & Driving: 1 Way 2 Die
Keep your thumbs down while you’re on the Road
Aaron Brooker, 19 year old student, didn’t know that he would have his last ride as he was going home at 75 miles after spending the weekend with his girlfriend. He later on decided to send her text message- and the next thing you know, he was wounded up pinned under a semi. The toll: two broken femurs, a broken kneecap and ankle, severe nerve damage to both legs, and lacerated spleen, kidney and liver (Brody). This is why texting while driving is an accurate lesson for people. Driving while distracted is roughly equivalent to driving drunk (Brody). As you know, today’s world relies on technology. Everyone owns a cell phone, and it’s evident to anyone who drives regularly that huge numbers of peoples, including some who support a ban, use them while driving. Breathing is a way to live, but now for others cell phones are the other way to live, especially for teens. Pedestrian injuries among 16-19 year olds increased in 25 percent. Teens aged 14-19 made up half of all child pedestrian injuries (Bolido). People who text a lot are eight times more likely to crash while they drive. In an average year about 1.4 million accidents occur due to phoning and sending text messages. People always observe other people. Dr. Sam Li had observed that texting pedestrians take an advantage of two seconds longer to cross the street. He said “Pedestrians who text are four times less like it to look before crossing the street, they cross at designated areas or obey traffic lights, according to the new study that highlights the hazards of mobile technology.” He had also mentioned that his thought was related to natural selection by Charles Darwin. Many
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