Texting and Driving

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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On February 9, 2011, little Enzo Williams was traveling with his mother, father and his older sister, they had approached a red light and were at a complete stop waiting for the light to turn green, when from out of nowhere a SUV driving at a high rate of speed driven by Sydney Wright smashed into the back of their vehicle. Sydney Wright was texting what was claimed to be a short text message and took the life of this innocent little boy. Enzo’s mother, father, and sister walked away from the wreck as did the driver of the other vehicle Sydney. Enzo suffered a bruised windpipe and a skull fracture; he was transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital where he lived for two short days. He was unable to recover from his injuries, he was 6 months old. The purpose of this speech is to inform you of the dangers of texting and driving. Close your eyes for 5 seconds; you just drove the length of a football field blind, this is what it is like to send the simple message laugh out loud or otherwise abbreviated lol. A football field, so many things can go wrong in the short 5 seconds we take our eyes off of the road. When you think of 5 seconds it really does not seem like a very long time until you put it into perspective. Texting and driving causes over 1,600,000 accidents per year. At any given time worldwide 800,000 people are texting and driving sending that one short innocent message that could take the next victims life. Is what you have to say so important that it cannot wait for a few extra minutes? An individual is 6 times more likely to cause an accident while texting and driving, then if you were under the influence. When an individual decides to text and drive it is equivalent to getting behind the wheel of a car after consuming 4 beers. It really does not seem like a lot. People think after four beers they are perfectly capable of driving, on most individuals consuming four beers does not even put them over the legal limit. However let’s look at it in...
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