Texting and Driving

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Texting and Driving: Leads to Distraction
Imagine driving down the road where the sun is shining and the wind is blowing in your hair, you’re having a grand old time driving and then all of a sudden someone rams in the back of your car. This is the behavior of texting while driving is proven to be unsafe. Maryland passed a new law about no cell phones in the hands of the driver while the vehicle is on; to use your cell phone it has to be hands free device. Having this law, people still text and drive and use their phones and people still do not pay attention to the road in front of them. They are more worried about the conversation they are having on their phone. People really don’t realize the danger of texting and driving. People may know the risks and the danger of texting and driving, but they just don’t want to believe it will happen to them. If they only knew the danger and what it does to a family, people might just change their mind. What happens if it was your son, daughter, sister, brother, friend, or even a loved one got into a serious car accident from texting and driving, would that change your mind to stop? Leaving to the question, is texting while driving leading you to the road of disaster? Texting while driving takes away the one thing that absolutely everyone counts on while behind the wheel, vision. No matter where the phone is placed, whether it is on the dash board or on the steering wheel, one’s eyes are not where they need to be. People’s eyes are supposed to be one the road at all times. Texting takes that away and it doesn’t matter how quick someone thinks they are, there is always a possibility. Just for that split second of reading a message that is o so important, a crash could happen. Eyes are the most important thing needed when driving and when not on the road a lot of harm can be caused. The worst thing that could happen is taking away your life from texting while driving. One minute you’re talking on the phone with a friend, driving home from the store, the next you wake up in a hospital bed with serious injuries covering your body, wondering what happened. An estimated amount of traffic injuries and deaths combined are 350,600, and 330,000 being injuries. Everyone you know has a cell phone, we all use them constantly, every minute of every day. Knowing that it is dangerous to text and drive, we still do it; we text, play games, call, and even just look down to check the time. We are addicted to our cellular phones. Therefore, cell phone usage in cars should be banned and against the law in order to improve driving, and lead to less traffic related injuries and deaths. This changed the minds when it happened to Alex Brown. Alex was on her way to school when her truck rolled over off the road and into a field. She was ejected from her seat and was found 50 feet away from her car. She was killed instantly. The cause of death was found later from texting and driving. She was texting her best friend, her best friend now has a fear of texting and driving because she does not want the same thing to happen to her as it took her best friend life. Texting and driving no one every thinks of the consequences because they always just believe it’s not going to happen to them. But what if it does, would this keep changing the mind of other people who text and drive? Texting and driving is one of the worse causes of accidents to anyone’s family. Alex Brown’s Family started a foundation called Remember Alex Brown. This pledge is for anyone to take on. This pelage is to stop texting and driving and they have created a live strong bracelet for the thumb for when you drive not to text. The Brown Family travels around the States, to show awareness for the danger of texting and driving. They don’t want what happened to their daughter to happen to anyone else (R.A.B.F). Remember Alex Brown Foundation is for anyone to join and sign a contract that he/she wont text and drive. This family also travels to...
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