Term Paper on Employee Empowerment

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  • Published : March 6, 2008
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the different researches and studies of employee empowerment, such as one carried out by Erickson et al, revealed that employee empowerment is said to occur when the management and employers pursue goals of both personal as well as professional growth for their employees. For example the senior managers and leaders within the organizations can assist their employees in enhancing their capabilities, in turn enhancing their potential to fully utilize their capabilities.

The following paper takes on the example of the employee empowerment in an health care setting where employees at all the levels are put through a number of processes and operations, resulting in the creation and conversion of the same staff into one that was more committed and was observed to use his or her full capabilities within the same settings. The employee empowerment also resulted in the provision of an enhanced nature of services for the clients/patients, as well as make better use of the functional system provided thereon.

The Different Methods Applied to Enhance Staff Empowerment
Making the Employees More Responsible
One of the first aspects noted in a number of organizations was the inactive or negligible nature of employee involvement in the actual nature of the work. This non-involvement on the part of the management and senior managers not only resulted in the increased feelings of frustrations, but also lead to the rise in the stress levels of the employee's, as well as lack of productivity for the respective organization.

In allowing the employees to 'own' the problem or operation at hand, the employees were duly encouraged to not only identify the problem, but also come forward and provide his or her 'own' solution to the same problem, or set of problems. Indeed, the initiative of 'owning' on the part of the employees lead to a positive working environment, as well as the same provided for nurturing, creation, maintenance of a cohesive working environment. The same...
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