HRM Assignment on Empowerment

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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University of Medical Sciences and Technology
MBA Batch (11)
Semester 2
Human Resource Management
Assignment No.1

Course Instructor: Dr. Faisal Hamad
Prepared by: Mosab Ahmed Emam Ahmed

The purpose of this essay is to critically discussing if empowerment only appears to give employees greater control and, in reality remains dominated and restricted by management. Therefore the essay will start by defining employee empowerment, which includes concepts such as employee involvement and participation. After that it will also try to prove that empowerment is actually gives employees a greater control over their job and furthermore contribute to job satisfaction and enhance organisational performance. Finally the essay will discuss the management techniques to dominate and restrict employee empowerment. Empowerment according to Mullins (1999) is the greater freedom that has been given to employees to carryout their tasks and the authority to make decisions and take responsibility to resolve problems that related to their jobs and it can be achieved through participation, involvement, and commitment. Employee’s attitude towards work gets shaped once they are empowered by being involved in the organisational issues. Since they have been given the go a head and been left to work on their own initiative then this make them view work as something worth to live up to in their day to day lives. For example if you work and all the time you are told to do this and that all the time, the place becomes more a nuisance and one will not want to associate himself with such a place and one will end up viewing that place with a very different attitude but once given the freedom the attitude changes although some people end up misusing the opportunity. In our company as example and hence we are projects oriented company the empowerment become very good for a business to operate in such a way because if there is major problem, employees might be...
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