Zapp Book Report

Topics: Management, Problem solving, Leadership Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: November 30, 2010
ZAPP book report

ZAPP The Lightning of EMPOWERMENT, by William C. Byham Ph.D. and Jeff Cox presents a story of different problems that managers/supervisors face and how they deal with the problems. The book shows how an autocratic supervisor would deal with a problem compared to a participative supervisor would handle the problems. The story shows the contrast between a supervisor that ZAPPS (empowers) her employees and a supervisor that SAPPS his employees by his interactions and management style with the employees. The author takes a fictitious workplace that probably resembles many work environments that we have all experience at one time or another. ZAPP The Lightning of EMPOWERMENT is about the complexity of human relations in the work place. The book examines the workers and the managers’ performance as it relates to employee empowerment, the employees feelings and sense of worth to the company. In this workplace the authors were able to show that workers and/or managers that felt left out, not included and unimportant. Byham also shows how misinformation and the autocratic leadership style were detrimental to the performance of the work group. The dictatorial style of leadership also had the ability to lower the morale of the employees. They were actually SAPPED instead of ZAPPED. Ralph invented a machine called the Rapholator which allowed him to go to the 12th dimension to have a look at the work environment as an outsider. The ability to view the work environment as an outsider allowed Ralph to the problems that occurred and how the supervisors and managers reacted to the problem. Ralph was able to see and hear the communications between different supervisors and employees and the effect it had on them. Ralph decided that his boss, Joe, needed to see what he was seeing when he went to the 12th dimension. Ralph and Joe were able to observe how employees being ZAPPED made Lucy’s department run smoothly. Lucy’s employees were...
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