Employee Involvement

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Q. What are the strategic principles to adopt for the employee involvement and participation?

Employee Involvement consists of variety of systematic methods that enables employees to participate in decisions that affect them and their relationships with the organization. It can become more than a systematic method by being a part of the management’s philosophy & assists in building an organization’s culture.

Through EI the employees feel a sense of responsibility and ownership in decisions that they participate in.

Employee involvement & participation can be brought through the following 3 broad categories: 1. Humanization programs – seek to restructure tasks or jobs to increase productivity 2. Ownership programs – may or may not include participation of employees in decision-making 3. Problem-solving groups – Teams convened to resolve problems

Some of the strategic principles to adopt for employee involvement are listed below: 1. Quality Circles (QC):
These are small groups of employees who meet regularly with their common leader to identify and solve work-related problems. QC encourages employees to volunteer for the forum, either as a leader or a participant, and select the problem that needs to be tackled. The forum then brainstorms on the problem and identifies possible solutions, which are then presented to the management.

Reasons for success:
1. When an employee decides on the problem that needs to be tackled, the probability of him / her staying active in the group is higher. 2. The conviction in implementing the solution is higher since the forum has come up with the solution.

2. Information sharing forums:
Employees meet on a regular basis as a group to share information. This could be specific to a domain, product or process. The objective of this forum is to provide information to employees that may be implemented.

Reasons for success:
1. It identifies gaps in the current process /...
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