Teenage Relationship

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Teenage Relationship

Good Day! We are first year students of DMSF Pre- Dentistry; we are conducting a survey about teen relationships for our English Research/Term paper. As a requirement for the ending of classes. We would like to get your opinion or point of view in this regarding topic. Kindly answer these following questions truthfully for the success of our research. THANK YOU!

• What is your reason for entering a relationship?

For fun
Following the Trend
Other (specify):

• Is it okay with your parents?

Yes No Maybe

• Are you ready to face any circumstances in having a relationship?

Yes No Maybe

• Do think you are in the proper age to have a relationship?

Yes No Maybe

• Is it okay to have a relationship even though you are still a teenager?

Yes No Maybe

• What comes to your mind when we talk or think about a relationship?

• In entering this relationship is it serious or just for fun?

• In having a relationship how it will affect your daily life especially to your studies?

• What are some advantages/disadvantage you will get for having a relationship A.
Why do you want a girlfriend or a boyfriend? As a teenager what is the purpose of having a relationship? And having a commitment with someone of the opposite sex? Where is the relationship going? Many questions come to our mind about the teenage relationship and those questions obviously are one of them. But still they will end up with the question. Why do teenage want a romantic relationship at a young age? Is it because your peers are starting to have relationships and therefore you feel pressured to have one as well, in order to fit in or it is because you are really ready for a relationship. As a teenager, any romantic relationship you get into will most likely be a casual one because you are probably not at the right age where you are thinking of marriage and ideally the whole point of dating or having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is to see whether they are the kind of person you might end up marrying. The teenager is a uniquely human phenomenon.

Adolescents are known to be moody, insecure, argumentative, angst-ridden, impulsive, impressionable, reckless and rebellious. Teenagers are also characterized by odd sleeping patterns, awkward growth spurts, bullying, acne and snobbish behavior. So what could be the possible benefit of the teenage phase? Most other animals - apes and human ancestors included - skip that stage altogether, developing rapidly from infancy to full adulthood. Humans, in contrast, have a very puzzling four-year gap between sexual maturity and prime reproductive age. Anthropologists disagree on when the teenage phase first evolved, but pinpointing that date could help define its purpose. There are a variety of current explanations for the existence of teenagers. Some believe that we need longer for our large brains to develop. Other explanations suggest that a teenage phase allows kids to learn about complex social behavior and other difficult skills, or that it is even required to develop coordinated bipedal bodies adapted to travelling long distances. Scientists once thought that the brain's internal structure was fixed at the end of childhood, and teenage behavior was blamed on raging hormones and a lack of experience. Then researchers discovered that the brain undergoes significant changes during adolescence. According to many recent studies, teen brains really are unique (see interactive graphic). Though many brain areas mature during childhood, others mature later - such as the frontal and parietal lobes, responsible for planning and self-control. Other studies have shown that teens fail to see the consequences of their actions, and that sudden increases in nerve connectivity in teen brains may make it difficult for teenagers to read social situations and other people's...
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