Issues Surrounding Teen Marriage

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Teen Marriages have become less popular over the years. But, it was more socially acceptable years ago. There are many issues surrounding teen marriage and statistics supporting and also against. But, teenager’s views on it may be completely different as those of a 40 year old. Is teen marriage socially acceptable now?

Issues surrounding teen marriage
Teens are not fully matured and do not know what they are getting into. Teenagers are known to not be the most mature people with poor self-confidence. This can lead to jealousy and anger. A lot of teen marriages now can result in domestic violence, which sometimes if you have a kid can cause the kid to be removed from your household. This may be a reason that would tear your relationship apart. “Studies of teen brains have given another reason why teens shouldn't marry. Teens don't think with the rational portion of their brains. Teens are making life changing decisions with the wrong portion of their brains.” (About) The area of the brain (prefrontal cortex) controls impulse- control, judgement, decision-making, planning, organization and involved in other functions like emotion, but you do not reach full maturity until around age 25!

Most teens are not financially stable whether you are married, have a baby, or are attending school. But some of these may be more important to have money than others. But a main cause for teen marriage is teen pregnancy. Graduation rates for pregnant teenagers is rather low. Pregnancy scares some young women and they can’t physically or emotionally handle attending school and preparing to give birth or take care of her baby. So, when they do not graduate high school, or go to college/university or do not complete both their chances of getting a job and being able to support your child or even your marriage is very high. This would force the teenagers to rely on their parents for money, and shelter.

The disadvantage of marrying young is that you hardly...
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