Teen Pregnancy

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  • Published : November 6, 2011
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Teenage Pregnancy|
The Real Issue|
Tina Riehle|


A big issue Americans are dealing with is teenage pregnancies. There are different factors that contribute to this. At the micro-level the biggest overall factor is poverty levels. Many teenagers use contraceptives and still get pregnant. “If I use a condom I won’t get pregnant, right?” Wrong. The reason for this is because even though the condom was used, it may have been used improperly or was torn. Many low-income families and minority groups “receive little accurate information about the use of, and problems associated with, contraception (Kendall, 2011). Many teenagers, however, do not use contraceptives. One reason why this might be is because of the level of influence the media has on our society. In 1988, on average, Americans watched TV seven hours a day. Teenagers watched 24 hours of TV a week and listened to 18.5 hours of music a week (Lynn & Bernards, 1988). Other forms of media include advertising, films, magazines, and music. Another micro-level factor is that some teenagers view pregnancy as a way to gain adult status. This is called a subjective reality. BACKGROUND

Teenage pregnancy has not always been such a big issue as it is today. The big problem before was unmarried mothers, age was not important. One reason why, is because many males and females had completed their education by age 15 or 16 (Farber, 2003). If a girl did become pregnant, the families pushed for marriage. As long as the family could be supported, the public saw no problems. In the past 30 years views on teenage sexual activity, pregnancy, and parenting have dramatically changed. Our society is now very open-minded and accepting about teen pregnancy.

Theoretical Perspective
The theoretical perspective that teenage pregnancy best fits under is symbolic interactionist perspective. The technical definition of this perspective is that society is the sum of the interactions of individual...
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